Paying for Surgery

A common concern among our surgical patients is the question of paying for surgery. Indeed, oftentimes it is the cost of surgery that makes people wait until the absolute last minute before they undergo a surgical procedure. Some patients believe that since their symptoms are mild, they can wait and have the surgery performed at a later time. The problem, of course, is that issues requiring surgical intervention rarely improve on their own and usually worsen over time. The problem becomes an issue of complexity – meaning, the worse the problem, generally, the harder it is to fix it.


At our office, our goal is to help you in every aspect of your surgical journey and that includes how you pay for surgery. The first step is to speak to your insurance company to see if the procedure is indeed covered. Learning more about deductibles, co-pays and other account-specific information is important too. Our office can then help you obtain a pre-authorization, which can offer some clarity as to your financial obligations.

If your insurance coverage is insufficient, you may be able to qualify for third party financing, depending on the procedure. Further, there are many ways to secure personal loans for a medical procedure. While financing can be an option, rates and terms as well as ramifications in case of a default are all considerations.

Should none of the above suit your needs, there is always the option of a cash payment. If you have no options other than to cash pay and you do have a financial hardship, we welcome your phone call. We may, in some cases of true need, be able to help you secure a payment plan or cash pay rate that is manageable.

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