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Before and After Pictures


Sevina’s results with the Gastric Band

I’m loving life! I’m hiking, running 5k’s, river rafting, 25 +mile bike rides and so much more!!

Latoya lost 121 lbs with the Gastric Band

Maddy lost 85 lbs in 5 months

Greg has lost 6 pant sizes with the Gastric Band

Starting size:48 in pants, 4XL shirts
Now: 36-38 pants and XL shirt

Hi Dr. Lublin,

I have had a very positive experience with you as my surgeon. I appreciate you taking the time that you take with me and that you listen to what I have to say regarding the band. The office staff is consistently genial and professional.

As for the surgery itself, I have nothing but the highest praise. I experienced no complications nor reason for concern after the surgery. The recovery went exactly as you had outlined and I felt as though I had all the information I needed in order to ensure my own well being during the recovery time.

Have a great day!

– Catherine, Gastric Banding

Although initially apprehensive about undergoing the lap band procedure, Dr. Lublin’s individualized client centered medical model and warm bedside manner helped me get over my fear. Instead of feeling like an object getting a factory type procedure, Dr. Lublin was very knowledgeable about the procedure with helpful animations and detail explanations. His nonjudgmental and supportive attitude and warm bedside manner made the surgery seem less threatening and gave the sense that losing weight was possible. He provided a list of qualified nutritionists and psychologists to help with the transition so that all biological, social and psychological needs were being addressed. I would highly recommend Dr. Lublin as a surgeon for the lap band procedure.

– Mallory

When you make a decision to choose surgery, a common natural thought is…by who and are they any good? I first came across Dr. Lublin via Google in 2013. Based on reviews, I kept his name in my memory bank. In 2014, I had a friend ask her surgeon (of a different specialty) if he would recommend a bariatric surgeon.

Ironically, she came back with Dr. Lublin. I was sold. Went to my consultation in 5/2014…I was shocked at how cool and personable he was. At that same time, he reviewed the risks and benefits. He heat straight to the point, but assured me that based on my personal and medical history, I’d be a good candidate. At that moment, I knew he’d be my surgeon.

Fast forward to 2 months ago, March 2015, Dr. Lublin performed my gastric sleeve surgery. I stand proud to say I have not had ONE complication or side effect that you may read or hear others discuss. Not to mention, my 5 point incisions look great! Loved that he used an adhesive rather than staples/stitches.

Looking forward to reporting back to him on my follow-up appointments throughout my journey.

 – Shanika C., Los Angeles, CA 


There are doctors and there are doctors. I’ve met more than my share over the years. But Dr. Lublin is, without a doubt, what a doctor should be. I found him to be supportive, encouraging and genuinely interested in my health. He made it easier for me to make what was a very difficult decision. The results of the surgery he performed have truly been both life changing and life affirming. Before the surgery, I could not look at myself in the mirror without feeling hopeless and I was slowly sinking into a dark place. The surgery has changed all that.  He has my thanks for his skills, which he made available to me; but, equally importantly, he has my sincerest thanks for the manner in which, in the weeks before the surgery, he managed me and my case. I always felt that I was in good hands. The fact that he found time to respond by phone so quickly to an email I would send really surprised me. It made me feel that I was valued in his eyes.   haven’t gotten that feeling very often from the many physicians I have seen over the years.

One does not usually describe visiting a doctor as “a pleasant experience;” but this is a phrase I feel is most appropriate in describing the experience I had under his care. I will, forever, be grateful to him for what he did for me and for who he is.

– Allan Paul S. Monterey Park, CA