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Dr. Lublin’s Patient Testimonials


I am not certain that I expressed sufficiently how grateful that I am for your expertise in treating my incisional hernia recently. You, and your staff, in taking the time to answer all of my questions, made me feel as relaxed as possible prior to the surgery. I knew I was being treated by the very best person for the job? – G.S. April 30, 2016

I want to thank you again for everything that you did for me, your great skill; and all of the ways that you helped me – S.S. December, 2014

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how much I appreciate you helping me out with my inguinal hernia. Thanks to you, I will be surfing soon. – B.S June, 2016

Thanks for you giving me a second chance at a pain-free existence. My recovery has been easy to handle and I owe that success all to you. It’s been a pleasure to have you as my surgeon. S.N. October 22, 2014

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for the coordination and removal of the lipoma from my left thigh. Your professionalism and medical expertise are greatly appreciated. – B.B. April, 2016

I just want to tell you, again, how grateful I am that you were there for me at a critical time – and, especially, that you chose a protocol that allowed me to completely heal and to have a successful, “ nonmessy” surgery. Thank you for your skill, your prompt email responses, and your overall excellence. – N.J. November, 2014

I wanted to thank you again for removing my appendix this month. Your calm and professional approach made me feel I was in good hands. My scars are healing nicely and I was able to visit my family in England and celebrate my mother’s 82nd birthday. – Tim E.

I had a great experience with Dr. Lublin. He was friendly and took his time to hear my concerns. I appreciate his kind bedside manner, it helps with the nerves. Hopefully, I will not be seeing him again but if I have to get under the knife again I feel confident in Dr. Lublin. – Melissa S.

I had a great experience with Dr. Lublin.  He took a very large lipoma tumor out from my hip, and I am thrilled with the results.  My hips are even and I do not have this ugly protrusion sticking out.  I healed quickly and had little or no pain.  Dr. Lublin was very kind and professional and I truly appreciate what he did for me. – Bridgette D.

He is a wonderful surgeon and I am very happy with the results. He took his time to hear my concerns. Returned calls after my surgery when I had concerns promptly, which is always appreciated when you aren’t sure what’s normal. Hope I don’t have to see him again but if I had to go under the knife I feel good being in his hands. – anonymous

Straight forward approach, provided options with background information, best post surgery outcome. Experience based skill level best in class. Next morning NO pain, minor discomfort. Miracle from my perspective. – anonymous

I had to have an unexpected surgery and he saw me right away. He has been more attentive to my needs than most other doctors I have ever seen. – anonymous

Would highly recommend Dr. Lublin. He helped us out in a pinch with my son’s appendectomy. Was courteous, nice, efficient and appeared very knowledgable. Very amenable to questions and concerns as well. We felt like we were in great hands! – anonymous

When I met Dr. Matthew Lublin to consult with him about my hiatal hernia operation, my wife and I came to the same conclusion. There was a calm, comforting disposition about Dr. Lublin. He knew exactly what needed to be done and he explained everything that was going to take place during the surgery and what repair work was involved. We never felt rushed or “just another patient”. Our questions were answered in the utmost, easy to understand terms. While I was in recovery, he talked to my wife and told her how everything went.. He visited me at the hospital, followed by an office visit, and explained what the next few weeks would be like. The professional and personal contacts with Dr. Lublin was highly satisfying and left no doubt that I had the best surgeon with the best of care. – anonymous

I would highly recommend Dr. Lublin. He was very cautious at first, to make sure a gall bladder removal was necessary, and then once that decision was reached, acted quickly & efficiently for the process to happen. I have never been in a hospital in my life & this was an amazing experience, so quick (in and out the same day) & with an extremely friendly support staff. Dr. Lublin was waiting for bedside when I opened my eyes & told me the details of the surgery & assured me that it went well. I would highly recommend him.

Wont leave you for hours in the waiting room. His eqo does not overshadow his skill as a surgeon. He made me feel at ease, addressed all my questions and concerns and took a post-op phone call when I had some follow up questions. If you are looking for a prima-dona who doesn’t care what the patient thinks this is the wrong guy for you. – Lawrence N.

Dr, Lublin is an amazing surgeon. Takes time with patients and answers all questions. My recovery was pretty much on schedule with what he said(laparoscopic cholecystectomy)3-7 days. Two weeks later still a little sore, but feeling much better. Any concerns a patient may have he addresses. – anonymous

It’s been a long two year journey with successful treatment (cure) of Prostate Cancer. This, a Gleason 9.9 was treated with hormone/radiation and unfortunately, my physiology succumbed to the five percentile of souls who develop Radiation Proctitis in the lower bowel after the therapy.Dr. Rudy Bedford diagnosed this last fall and began treating conservatively at first with emulsions but the bleeding was getting worse so we moved to APC but after three transfusions since April of this year the disease had become so acute, that he told me to point blank to see Matthew Lublin as soon as possible.Dr. Lublin saw me the next day a Wednesday, and scheduled surgery at ST. John’s by that weekend. I cannot say enough about his effort to solve what was essentially a slow downward spiral for my well being (anemia) and, the sense of urgency he seems to carry when managing a patient’s health. He performed a removal of the damaged region and attached an ileostomy bag, which I learned to live with for six weeks while the lower bowel repair had time to heal. Then, three weeks ago, Dr. Lublin closed the ileostomy and the issues I’d been living with since last summer became moot. The great news is that the latest PSA was 0.1 so couple that with blood loss which has been mitigated by his surgery and for me; this journey has a happy ending. I must add that during this entire episode, he took every opportunity to check in on the floor even late on shift, making sure I was mending and even keeping me in for an extra day or so to ensure my recovery was satisfactory. Plus he directed offsite caregivers to manage my getting used to the ostomy appliance. Overall, Dr. Lublin is in my opinion a generous, caring professional who knows his craft, and balances his dedication to patients and his family in remarkable fashion. I would recommend Matt to anyone who requires the highest level of expertise in his field of practice. – Rob M.
Dr. Lublin was one of my mother’s surgeons for a difficult ovarian cancer operation that involved a bowel repair. He has since been involved with complications such as a fistula and all that this entails…don’t be bothered by his at times “gruff” bedside manner – he is an extremely caring, professional and expert surgeon and physician. Always returns my calls even in the middle of his kid’s soccer games. My Favorite Doctor!! – JACQUELINE O. ED.D

I was very pleased with his operation skills this was my first surgery and he put me at ease and everything went as he predicted. – Eleanor H.

Dr. lublin’s surgery to remove my gall bladder and repair my umbilical hernia last week, is what every patient wishes for when faced with this experience. with no notice, he saw me and scheduled my surgery 2 days later after thoroughly explaining the risk of waiting versus the risk of removing an inflamed gall bladder, then performing the surgery flawlessly. Thank you very much for everything including your gracious bedside manners. – Gregory H.

Dr. Lublin performed my Laproscopic Fundoplication in April, 2011. He was very thorough in his diagnosis, scheduling several diagnostic procedures (swallow test, endoscopy) to ensure that he had all the knowledge necessary to give me the best “wrap” during the fundoplication. He was very matter-of-fact when explaining the surgery beforehand, using diagrams and layman’s terms to illustrate exactly what he would be doing and how the recovery would be. The surgery itself was flawless, and the recovery was speedy and pretty much painless. The procedure itself changed my life. I went from having terrible heartburn and regurgitation daily (and constantly taking antacids and PPI meds), to no heartburn and zero reflux/regurgitation and being completely off Tums and meds. If you are considering this procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Lublin as your surgeon. – anonymous

Great surgeon – sweet, friendly and very professional. Did a great job on my gallbladder. – anonymous

My experience with your surgical services was excellent. The first office visit put me at ease, your friendliness and professionalism was just what was needed. The care during and after surgery was first rate and my recovery was speedy and without incident. Since then I have had no problems and if asked would certainly recommend you as a surgeon.
– Casey B.

I have recovered from my May 2011 surgery.  I was very pleased with the surgical correction of my blockage and the competency of Dr. Lublin.  I am particularly grateful for the after surgery care by Dr. L – he was patient over a 6 week period which it took to heal my wounds.  Dr. L was always available to render care and give me reassurance.  I would recommend Dr  Lublin with enthusiasm. – David S.

You know I revere you. You are a gifted surgeon and diagnostician.  Everyone I know in the community seems to independently agree with my assessment. You are also kind and honest, and never condescending. You are a mensch in every sense of the term.
– Ken P.

The surgery and your skills with the procedure have literally given me my life back. – Matt S.

I feel like a new person after I had surgery. No more pain! I will admit that before I stepped into your office I was extremely fearful of having an operation. After conversing with you, I felt at ease. You answered all my questions and concerns. You were very kind and respectful. The surgery was a complete success, because you are an excellent surgeon. My recovery was quick and smooth. I applaud your professionalism and wish you continued success as a doctor. Without hesitation I would recommend you to anyone needing a surgeon. I must also add that I was highly impressed with your outstanding staff. The people who work for you are friendly, courteous and take their job seriously. – anonymous

When I met Dr. Matthew Lublin to consult with him about my hiatal hernia operation, my wife and I came to the same conclusion.  There was a calm, comforting disposition about Dr. Lublin.  He knew exactly what needed to be done and he explained everything that was going to take place during the surgery and what repair work was involved.  We never felt rushed or “just another patient”.  Our questions were answered in the utmost, easy to understand terms.  While I was in recovery, he talked to my wife and told her how everything went..  He visited me at the hospital, followed by an office visit, and explained what the next few weeks would be like.  The professional and personal contacts with Dr. Lublin was highly satisfying and left no doubt that I had the best surgeon with the best of care. – Larry N.

You were the 2nd surgeon I consulted about my umbilical hernia – (both referrals from other physicians).  I was quite pleased with experience.  I was especially pleased with the fact that both my appointments started at precisely the scheduled time.  While I wasn’t able to get an appointment as quickly as I would have liked…there was no waiting around in your waiting room once my scheduled appointment rolled around.  Secondly, I was impressed with your ‘bedside manor’ or whatever they call it – very relaxed and informal. It put me at ease right away.  I believed you introduced yourself as ‘Matt’ – how refreshing in the rarefied world of surgeons.  In my opinion, the best doctors are the ones that have the highest level of skill, technical expertise, and confidence but act like ‘regular’ people.  In that regard, you kind of remind me of Dr. Richard Steadman of the Steadman-Hawkins Institute in Vail.  He is the word’s finest knee surgeon – but the exact opposite of a prima donna.  Other orthos I passed on before finding Dr. Steadman to do do my knee surgery include XXX and XXX from LA.  (XXX left me waiting for an appointment for 3 hours one time – without so much as a ‘sorry I’m late’).  Thirdly, I was impressed with how quickly you were able to schedule my procedure.  Almost didn’t have time to get my pre-op labs done.  This is a very good thing. Forth, the staff at 20th Street was great – especially Corey.  She was very helpful, and funny – she helped take the edge off.

Lastly – the single biggest thing that impressed me…When I called in to discuss my pain/swelling after the procedure I was fully prepared to talk to your surgical nurse and leave a msg and wait to hear back….or as My Doctor likes to do…have a 3 way conversation with her assistant in between (I hate that.)  I almost fell out of my chair when she asked if I’d like to speak with the doctor…and you picked up in like 10 seconds…what the…this is how medicine is supposed to be practiced.  Bravo!

If I had to give constructive criticism I would only make two points. 1) I was totally surprised by how much post-op pain I had.  I think both you and the O.R. nurse said I would be able to go to work the next day – no way.  Granted the perception of pain is variable and canbe quite different to different people, but maybe a range of discomfort/down time would have had me better prepared.  2) This one is not even your fault, but it was part of my experience so I will bring it up.  The anesthesiologist was late to the party.  He was quite good once he showed up, but I felt like I/we had been waiting. The fact that I was so apprehensive/nervous about the procedure probably made the wait seem longer than it was.

I probably gave you more info than what you wanted, but these are my thoughts.  Kudos to your wife for her influence.  I would refer you to anyone in need of surgery and will totally hook you up on the on-linedoctor eval sites. – Jeffrey S.

Great doctor – great surgeon – he removed my gallbladder – recommend him without reservation. – anonymous

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