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Hernia Overview


Hernia repair is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. The surgery is necessary to repair a hole or defect in the lining of the abdominal wall or fascia. The hole allows your abdominal contents to push through the abdominal wall and cause discomfort, pain, and / or a bulge or swelling in the area of the hernia. Learn More about Hernia Development.

As a premier hernia surgeon in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills area, Dr. Matthew Lublin has performed over 1000 laparoscopic or minimally invasive hernia surgeries. The typical hernia repair surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning that almost everyone goes home the same day of surgery. Particularly complex repairs or emergency repairs for a strangulated hernia may require a longer recovery.

"Hernias do not go away without surgical intervention. In fact, they tend to progressively enlarge and cause more pain and discomfort."

Hernias can appear in several places around the trunk of the body including, most commonly, around the groin (inguinal and femoral), near the navel (umbilical), and as a result of abdominal surgery (incisional). Other forms include hiatal and epigastric hernias. Learn More about Types of Hernias.

Symptoms can range widely and can include abdominal discomfort, pain and a bulge at the hernia site. Learn More about Hernia Symptoms.

Hernias do not go away. In fact, they tend to progressively enlarge and cause more pain and discomfort. As the hernia enlarges, the surgery to repair the hernia may become more complex and difficult – sometimes even requiring emergency attention. That’s why a hernia should be usually addressed at the first signs of onset – discomfort and/or pain and/or bulging – because the procedure will be more straightforward, recovery will be shorter, and the chance of the hernia returning will be decreased drastically.

While Dr. Lublin specializes in laparoscopic repair of hernias, some cases require a traditional open surgery – depending on what is most suited to the patient’s particular situation. Only a thorough evaluation and consultation can make that determination. 

Hernia surgery is generally very safe – a consultation with Dr. Lublin can fully inform you about the risks in your particular circumstance. However, the procedure should be performed by a highly experienced surgeon in order to avoid any complications and reduce the chance of recurrence of the hernia.

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