Head Hunger

Do you know the difference between real hunger and head hunger? Many weight loss surgery patients have a hard time distinguishing the difference, even after surgery. Head hunger has played such a huge part in our lives that real hunger, stomach hunger, is something we rarely, if ever consciously understand.

Distinguishing between real hunger and head hunger takes time. Be patient. Just about every bariatric surgery patient goes through this, but learning to determine which is speaking, your head or your stomach, will be key in successful weight loss. Your surgery will be an excellent tool for learning this lesson. Smaller portions create a physical sense of fullness that will help you start understanding true food cravings. You will now actually be able to experience satiety and learn the difference between the need for food and the desire for food, something that is foreign to many of us.

Immediately post-surgery, you should be full after just a few bites. If your mind forces you to take one more unnecessary bite, you will learn the hard way (regurgitation) who to listen to. Stomach hunger rules when it comes to bariatric surgery – that’s the beauty of it. After just a few bites you will know that all else is head hunger and you should stop.

Take your time. You’ll experience trial and error when it comes to learning what full really means, but in time you’ll get it. Soon, you will easily be able to tell the difference between head hunger and stomach hunger and eat appropriately.

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