Grocery Shopping after Bariatric Surgery

Many of us believe that when we eat out less often, we are eating more healthily. While that may be the case for some of us, it is certainly not true across the board. Sometimes, we make the wrong choices at the grocery store that can add hundreds, if not thousands, of calories to our diet every month. These choices, including high-sodium, high- fat and high-sugar processed foods, are abundant in grocery stores. It’s easy to buy these items because they are often cheap or on sale and require much less preparation than raw foods. Here are some tips to help make better choices next time you’re in the grocery store:


Grocery shopping will be tricky at first, but will become second nature as you learn where the right foods are located and what parts of the store to avoid. Try to shop with a support group friend – you can help each other stay on track and fight temptation. Ultimately, grocery store shopping should be a fun experience and not a chore. You’ll soon get the knack for it, and your waistline will thank you.

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