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Paying for Bariatric Surgery


Toward the top of virtually every patient’s list of concerns about surgery is how to pay for it. When a patient has the time to evaluate their payment options (I.e. in a non-emergency surgery situation) it is important that they do so thoroughly.

Insurance Coverage

Many patients’ surgical procedures will be partially or completely paid for by their insurance company without issue. It is important, however, that patients fully understand the details of their policy in order to avoid any surprises after surgery. When a patient finds out that they need to have a surgical procedure, they should contact their insurance company right away. Knowing the requirements for coverage, as stipulated by the insurance company, will help make pre-approval and ultimately the approval process smoother.

For those patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover the particular procedure, there are other payment options, including financing and cash pay.


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Financing can often be arranged through third-party specialty companies, however, qualification is often based on a patient’s credit history. Further, there are often significant penalties for non-payment that may include the loss of assets in a secured loan as well as damage to the patient’s credit score. Understanding your financing options more fully can help you decide which payment option works best for your particular situation.

Cash Pay

Finally, for patients who can neither qualify for financing or insurance coverage, there is the option of cash payment. If you are considering paying for your procedure out of pocket, we suggest they contact us to understand exactly what your responsibilities will be.

No matter what form of payment you choose or have at your disposal, we hope that you take advantage of our dedicated billing department to help ensure that you find the right option for your financial circumstances.

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