Weight Loss Surgery Goals

One of the most important parts of a successful post-bariatric surgery life is setting achievable goals. Goals are a part of our everyday lives and affect just about every facet of our lifestyles. Many of our goals are very lofty and not readily attainable. While this may be okay for broader, long-term life goals, consistent and effective weight loss requires reasonable short-term goals. In other words, achieve small victories to win the waistline war.

Bariatric surgery is not just about weight loss, but also disease resolution. Setting health goals such as improving cholesterol numbers by 20 points or lowering your blood pressure by your next doctor’s visit are very attainable. Further, while the number on the scale is the easiest and most tangible snapshot of your progress, remember that losing inches on your waist reduces the risk of heart attack, too. Be sure to add “inches lost” as part of your plan, along with overall weight loss.


The most important parts of goal setting are as follows:

No matter how you set your goals, the most important concept is that your goals should not lead to frustration. Of course, we won’t always hit our goals right on time, every time, but we also shouldn’t be constantly tempted to quit. So set those goals, get friends and family aboard, and knock out obesity once and for all!

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