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Tips To Speeding Your Recovery After Surgery

A surgical procedure is traumatic. As such, the body responds to healing in different ways during its recovery. While recovery should never be rushed, there are ways to help ensure it is swift and successful.


Quicker recovery often revolves around blood flow throughout the body. You may notice that immediately after surgery you will be fitted with a compression device on your legs to improve the circulation of blood throughout your body. Efficient circulation throughout the helps reduce the likelihood of blood clots. As an added bonus, the resultant increase in blood-oxygen circulation offers a huge boost in healing and avoiding infection. Within a few hours of surgery, you will also be asked to walk as much as you can. This serves the same purpose – increased circulation.

What we eat can also help us recover more quickly. The body uses protein to help in its healing process, so when you have clearance, begin to consume protein rich foods and drinks. At the same time avoid, high sugar and high fat foods that can work against your recovery.

While you will receive a comprehensive post-surgical action plan from Dr. Lublin’s office, it is important that you understand the principles of a speedy recovery. That understanding will assist you in ensuring your well-being during recovery and long afterwards.

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