The Importance of Your First Consultation

There is no doubt that the first consultation is a fact finding mission, but it is also the very first impression that you will have of the surgical practice and that your surgeon will have of you. It is a time where trust can be built or broken and sets the stage for the follow-up consultations, the surgery itself and aftercare.


Choosing a surgeon is a very important part of the success of a procedure. Being in tune with your surgeon and vice-versa can make the surgical process much less daunting and far more successful – two qualities than any patient would want to experience.

To prepare for your first consultation, follow the handy guide below:

Take full advantage of your first consultation. It is truly an opportunity to learn lots about the practice and your surgeon. It can also offer real insight into the procedure you’re about to have. Remember knowledge is power and there are few times you can gain as much knowledge as with your first one-on-one session with your surgeon.

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