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Stress – The Weight Loss Progress Killer

Stress, simply put, is one of the most insidious problems that the average American has to face. With lifestyles becoming more hectic by the year and technology adding so many new, sometimes unnecessary, dimensions to our lives, the stress of it all can be overwhelming. Stress can cause anything from upset stomach to headaches and even severe psychological disorders such as depression. Interestingly, while many of us know that stress is a leading cause of diseases, we tend to consider it a part of life and don’t do much to cure it.


When it comes to weight loss, stress is a big problem. In fact, stress can lead to the secretion of greater concentrations of cortisol in the body. This is significant because the cortisol can make us feel hungry and as a result we eat more and gain weight. Further, the small and large stresses of our daily lives can derail us from the weight loss track to which we committed after bariatric surgery. The result can be weeks or even months where our exercise and diet regimens drop by the wayside.

With a concerted effort however, stress can be managed and even eliminated. With focus and determination we can often eliminate the destructive stress in our lives and promote the activities and thoughts that are most important to us. For one, exercise is a great stress buster. With a proper and enjoyable exercise regimen, in the gym, at the pool or even on the sports field, the stresses of the day can be put behind us. Making time for ourselves without the constant beckoning of technology can also reduce the amount of stress we experience. Finally, getting ourselves organized and accomplishing small goals on our way to the larger ones can be satisfying and reduce the stress in our lives.

For the sake of your enjoyment, those around you and your weight loss efforts, resolve to eliminate some of the stress for your life this summer. We wish you the best of luck as you work toward your weight loss goals and leave stress by the wayside.

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