Robotic General Surgery

As part of our dedication to advancement in the surgical field, Dr. Lublin now offers patients the option to undergo robotically assisted general surgery procedures – specifically the gallbladder removal or cholecystectomy. By combining traditional laparoscopic benefits with the assistance of a technologically advanced robot, Dr. Lublin can offer patients even ultimate precision while remaining in complete control of the progression of the procedure.  Indeed, the da Vinci Surgical System translates Dr. Lublin’s hand movements directly to the arms of the robot.


The several arms that the robotic system employs to assist in the surgery are wristed, much like the human wrist, but with an even greater range of motion. This allows for unparalleled access and flexibility within the abdomen, especially during more complex cases. Further the surgeon’s field of vision is enhanced over traditional laparoscope because of a magnified, 3-D camera array. This leads to an incredible, sharp and clear image inside the abdomen.

Many patients will benefit from robotic assisted surgery through shorter hospital stays, less pain and less blood loss during surgery. It is important to note however that all surgical procedures including those assisted by robots come with some risk, which should and will be fully discussed during your consultation with Dr. Lublin. Further, not all patients will qualify for gallbladder removal using robotically assisted technology.

We look forward to offering you additional information on how robotically assisted surgery can benefit you and we encourage you to contact our office to learn more.

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