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Preparing for Surgery

Depending on the surgery being performed, there may be plenty of time to prepare for your surgery. It is important to take the time to understand what’s needed to make your surgery as effective as possible. You will receive an informational packet detailing exactly what you should do in the days leading up to your procedure. Following, you will find a few general tips that can make recovery and post-surgical life a little easier.


Even if the surgical procedure is coming up fast, it is not too late to stop smoking. Eliminating smoking allows for a speedier recovery with a lower risk of complications. Smoking restricts blood flow throughout the body and circulation problems can lead to surgical complications. It may also be a good start to a smoke-free rest of your life.

Getting a ride home is something that patients often forget to arrange in the race to prepare for the procedure. Remember, it is going to be far easier to arrange transportation before surgery than after general anesthesia.

Listen to dietary instructions. For example it is downright dangerous to go under general anesthesia on a full stomach. Even after surgery, some foods will be off limits. While the facility may provide a meal plan, your surgeon may allow you some food from home. Find out what you can bring beforehand and enjoy. Hospital food is better than it once was, but we still can’t match home sweet home.

Relax. Relaxation before surgery is just as important as a relaxing recovery. Getting anxious about surgery (without good reason) does you no good. If you are truly concerned about something related to your surgery, bring it up with your doctor. Otherwise, remember that surgery has become safer and safer over the years and while complications do exist, surgical medicine has never been safer.

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