Now Performing the Sleeve Gastrectomy

The gastric sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is one of the most popular bariatric surgery procedures currently being performed in the United States. The procedure has become very popular with surgeons and patients alike as a result of its combination of simplicity and effectiveness. The sleeve gastrectomy was not always performed as a standalone procedure however. It used to be part of a two-stage procedure until it become clear that it was very effective on its own.


Consistent with Dr. Lublin’s philosophy of patient comfort and safety, the gastric sleeve will be performed in a minimally invasive manner. This means that a few small incisions are used to access the surgical field versus the traditional large single incision. The result is reduced pain, less potential for blood loss and a shorter hospital stay.

So how does it work? The procedure involves cutting away about 75% of the existing stomach pouch and removing it from the abdomen. This leaves a much smaller sleeve shaped vertical stomach about the size and shape of a banana. The result is that the patient will eat less food in any given sitting. Also, because the fundus of the stomach is removed, many patients will feel fewer hunger pangs after surgery as well.

The gastric sleeve can improve or eliminate obesity, and obesity related diseases. It may also reduce the sensation of hunger in some patients. It does not require an implant in the abdomen and the chance for nutritional deficiencies is lower than a gastric bypass.  As to risks and considerations, it is important to note that the procedure is not reversible and while performed laparoscopically, it does have the inherent risks of any surgical procedure. Further, patients should be aware that they will have to change their diet and exercise habits0 for the procedure to be successful. Total potential weight loss is a little lower than that of the gastric bypass.

Dr. Lublin has begun performing this effective procedure which adds to the scope of our weight loss surgery practice in Los Angeles. Please contact our office should you have a question about the gastric sleeve and be sure to attend one of our free weight loss seminars.

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