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Motivation after Bariatric Surgery

How we motivate ourselves is an essential part of success after a bariatric surgical procedure. There are many different ways to self-motivate, some more productive than others. Some of these motivational techniques can be very effective and sustainable, while others may be downright destructive. It is important therefore to understand the best way to motivate yourself and stick to it.


Each of us is motivated by different things – that’s part of what gives us our unique personalities. For some, comparing their new self in the mirror to an old photo maybe just what they need to realize how much weight they lost. Others use the numbers on the scale and yet others, dress sizes. Each of these methods of motivation is absolutely fine – whatever works best to make you happy.

In no circumstances however should you motivate yourself through criticism. Some people look at themselves in the mirror and call themselves names…they cut themselves with horrible words and imagery to get themselves to change. Weight loss is rarely sustained using these tactics however – it is a slow progression. Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix. Negative motivation simply does not last. You may find yourself working harder in the short-term, but soon that emotional toll will catch up and the results will be unfavorable.

And one last thought – part of any motivational program involves setting attainable and intermediate goals. You may want to lose 100 pounds overall, but you should give yourself interim goals so that you can enjoy your achievements and milestones along the way. Lofty goals are great; unattainable goals are a recipe for frustration.

Life after bariatric surgery is all about uplifting your mind body and spirit. Make sure that you continue to do so with positive self-reinforcement as you work your way towards your goals, step by step.

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