Expectations for Weight Loss

Whenever we embark on a new weight loss journey we set a magic number – an expectation of where we should be once the pounds are shed. For most of us, this number s a lofty goal that may or may not be realistic in the time frame we expect. For that reason, whether you need to lose just a few pounds or several dozen, bariatric surgery or not, setting proper expectations is the key to success.


Those who expect to lose extreme amounts of weight through similarly extreme dieting can expect to be frustrated. We quit our diets more often when it cannot easily be sustained – the result is often gaining the weight back and then some. Eventually the prospect of dieting and exercise can become so stressful, it can even induce depression.

Just as our diets and exercise regimens should be moderated, so should our expectations. That’s not to say that lofty goals are impractical. Quite the contrary, they are to be commended. However getting there is a slow and steady process – after all we also want to remain there once we arrive. So set your ultimate goal, but also celebrate the milestones along the way – improvement of obesity related diseases, dropping a dress or pant size or shedding the next ten pounds. These intermediate goals can make your lofty expectations truly attainable and just as importantly, sustainable.

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