Diabetes may be cured with Bariatric Surgery

New research shows proof that weight loss surgery can reverse and possibly cure diabetes.

Two recent studies, which were published online by the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at an American College of Cardiology conference in Chicago, released that compared stomach-reducing operations to medicines alone for “diabesity,” which is type 2 diabetes brought on by obesity.  The end result of both studies showed that getting a surgical procedure helped more patients achieve normal blood-sugar levels than medicines alone did.  Additionally, one study allowed patients who had surgery to stop all diabetes drugs   and have their disease stay in remission for about 2 years. None of the patients treated with only medicines alone could do that.


Through the studies, there were signs shown that the surgery itself, not just the weight loss, helps reverse diabetes.  A variety of doctors have verbally stated that weight loss surgery is proved to be a great treatment for diabetes. Doctors have been trying for years to treat diabetes with pills and insulin, while encouraging weight loss and exercise on the side, but have had limited success.  It is difficult for obese people to drop enough pounds without having surgery, considering a majority of the medicines used to treat diabetes can cause weight gain, causing matters to be even worse.

Surgery, on the other hand, offers hope for a long-term fix with promising end results leading to a healthy, new lifestyle. Watch Dr. Matthew Lublins interview below.

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