Choosing an Abdominal / General Surgeon

Unfortunately, we don’t always have a choice when it comes to having surgery. However, we do have the choice of which surgeon to choose – and it is an important one. Following are just a few criteria to evaluate when choosing a surgeon for a non-emergency surgical procedure.


Experience: Choosing a surgeon that is experienced in the procedure you are looking to have is crucial. There is research to suggest that a surgeon’s experience can reduce the incidence of complications during and after surgery. Your surgeon’s medical memberships and affiliations may also give you some insight into their experience.

Education: While a surgeon’s skill cannot be fully evaluated by their educational background alone, it can give some insight into the training they’ve received. Further, their dedication to advanced surgical education and ongoing training can help you know that your surgeon is current with technology and surgical trends.

Facilities: The facilities at which your surgeon performs are very important. First, find out if your procedure will be performed in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. Compare the pros and cons of each. The make sure the facility at which the procedure will be performed is a well-respected center that ensures the safety and comfort of their patients.

Post-operative care: Surgery is not over at the end of the procedure. Your surgeon should have a comprehensive post-operative program and be available in case you need them. Speak to former patients and make sure you ask plenty of questions during your consultation – make sure the program fits your needs.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it may help you find the right surgeon for your particular surgical needs. And remember, there is a best surgeon for you – it will just take some legwork to find them.

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