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Apps for Weight Loss

Most of us have smart phones these days and while they have become somewhat of a distraction or convenience – depending on how you look at it – they can also be extremely useful in our weight loss goals after surgery. Smartphone applications have become incredibly sophisticated and there are many out there to help us lose weight, track our weight loss and keep a journal of exactly what we’re eating and how much we’re exercising each and every day. These apps are very useful, both for the patient and bariatric practice. Because they offer so much detail, both patient and surgeon can get accurate data regarding the effectiveness of the diet and exercise regimen that the patient is following. Additionally, weekly or monthly summaries can offer a bird’s eye view of progress.


Tracking diet and exercise offers our office some perspective if a patient has a question about nutrition, or if they feel that their weight loss has plateaued. If a patient doesn’t feel that their weight loss is significant enough, we can use the data to evaluate the problem. Making a dietary change is much more effective with tangible evidence available.

While you don’t necessarily need the sophistication of an app to keep track of your diet and exercise routine, if it is convenient for you to use one, we certainly encourage it. If you prefer traditional pen and paper, that’s just fine as well. As long as the entries in your food and exercise journal are accurate and honest, it can work wonders in helping you lose additional weight and can help us evaluate your situation if you’re ever in need of help or advice.

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