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Choosing A Hospital Versus A Surgery Center

Dr. Lublin’s patients may have the option to choose a hospital setting or a surgery center for their gastric banding procedure, since weight loss surgery can be performed in an outpatient setting. There are, however, some considerations to make when evaluating each medical setting.

Outpatient surgical centers are very convenient – the intake and discharge process is relatively quick and the outpatient center itself is usually very comfortable and welcoming. Since the procedures performed in an outpatient clinic are not emergencies, the staff is often more relaxed and better able to accommodate special needs. The recovery setting is quieter and well decorated and you may receive more individualized attention because of the lower volume of patients.

The hospital setting on the other hand offers the pinnacle of medical technology and care. While intake and discharge may take longer and the clinical staff will be somewhat more rushed, if there happens to be an emergency of any kind, you will not require a transfer, as you would from an outpatient surgical center.

It is also important to look at the costs of surgery when utilizing either an outpatient center or hospital. Outpatient centers usually charge significantly less than a hospital system. However, be sure that the facility that you are considering is in network with your insurance, so that you don’t receive any billing surprises after the procedure.

Finally, of course, there are times where outpatient surgery simply is not possible. Gastric sleeve patients will require 1 to 2 nights at a hospital and those with a relatively higher surgical risk – regardless of procedure – will need to undergo their procedure in a medical center setting as well.

Only a consultation with Dr. Lublin will determine what setting is appropriate for your particular procedure. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the hospitals and surgery centers with which we work and understand more about the facilities and their capabilities.

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