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Robotic Gastric Sleeve

Dr. Lublin is proud to announce a brand-new surgical offering that combines proven surgical techniques with incredible technological advancement. Dr. Lublin is now performing bariatric surgeries, specifically the gastric sleeve, with the assistance of a surgical robot.

The da Vinci Surgical System is not an autonomous machine. Rather it is controlled entirely by the bariatric surgeon and support staff.  It employs several “wristed” arms that add to precision and dexterity in the surgical field compared to traditional laparoscopic instruments. These robotic wrists have an even greater range of motion than the human wrist. This means that all inputs from Dr. Lublin to the robot are precise and controlled. Of further benefit, the robot employs a high-definition camera system that both magnifies the field of vision and offers the surgeon a clear and exceptionally detailed three-dimensional view of the abdomen.

Since robotic bariatric surgery is minimally invasive in nature, only a few small incisions are needed to access the abdomen. This often results in less blood loss, less pain and a shorter hospital stay for the patient when compared to open surgery. Of course, every surgical procedure also has its risks, which will be discussed at a seminar and during consultations with Dr. Lublin.

We look forward to deploying the da Vinci Surgical System to qualifying patients that may benefit from its use. We encourage prospective patients to contact us and learn more about their options for laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

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