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Why is the Gastric Sleeve so Popular?

Golden State Bariatrics has introduced the gastric sleeve into our surgical offerings because of the exceptional and proven results that qualified patients have experienced. The procedure is, in fact, the fastest growing of the major weight loss surgeries and has become the third most performed surgery in the United States. Over the past several years, it has been accepted by most private and public insurance companies as part of their bariatric surgery coverages, where applicable. But why is it so popular? The reasons are many, but here are just a few:

The surgery itself is very straightforward. We simply cut away approximately 70-80% of the existing stomach and remove it from the abdomen. The newly formed stomach is small enough to restrict the amount of food a patient can eat, but large enough to avoid many nutritional deficiencies and post-surgical complications.

The procedure does not require an implant (like the gastric band) nor does it require the alteration of the small intestine (like the gastric bypass).

In removing the stomach, the procedure also removes the fundus which produces a hunger hormone. Many patients feel fewer hunger pangs after their procedure.

Average weight loss and disease improvement potential is excellent and somewhere between that of the gastric bypass and gastric band.

The gastric sleeve is not for everyone, as it cannot be adjusted or reversed. However, it has shown great promise in both weight loss potential and obesity-related disease improvement and resolution. We look forward to sharing the details and results of this procedure with our prospective patients who attendĀ pre-op consultations.

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