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Your Body Image After Weight Loss Surgery

A critical component of a successful post bariatric surgery lifestyle revolves around the idea of body image. As an obese person, you may have spent years or decades worrying in frustration about your excess weight. As a result, many patients will look at themselves in the mirror after they’ve lost a significant amount of weight and they will “see” exactly what they saw before – excess weight. The result can be a tidal wave of emotions and feelings that can lead to giving up on their weight loss goals.

It is important however, that we not be too hard on ourselves. In order to make sure that we fully understand the progress we’ve made and the effectiveness of our decision to lose weight through bariatric surgery, we must use cold hard facts. This is actually a perfect opportunity to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you see. Then take a picture of yourself from before surgery and stick it on the mirror in front of you. The visual representation of the difference between you now vs. then may be just what you need. If that’s not enough, you may want to take your weight loss chart and look at where you were just a few months or years ago and where you are today. The difference will likely be significant.

Your negative body image may not change with just one comparison session – it may take days, weeks or months before you fully understand how much progress you’ve made. Just remember, don’t give up and believe in the facts. Your mind may not realize how far you’ve come and your eyes may deceive you, but the statistics don’t lie.

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