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General Health before Surgery

One of the most important considerations when we evaluate a patient before surgery is their general health. A patient’s health plays a significant role in avoidance of complications and a swift recovery. Their health can go a long way in determining their medical risk and ultimately the success of the procedure, both during the operation and recovery.

With the decline in health that the US population as a whole has experienced over the past several decades, it is all the more important to focus on healthy lifestyle habits such as smoking cessation, healthy diet and regular exercise. Smoking is particularly problematic because it causes a host of impediments to a successful operation and recovery thereafter. Patients who smoke, tend to have restricted blood vessels and, as a result, weaker blood circulation. The result can be longer, drawn out recoveries and an increase in the chance of post-operative complications. It is very important therefore, that patients stop smoking as soon as possible after they find out they need surgery. We generally require that a patient has not smoked within six weeks of their procedure, unless the procedure must be performed urgently.

Diet and exercise are also important parts of surgical success. Both diet and exercise are critical in keeping the body in balance and giving it the best chance of a quick and full recovery. After the procedure, a healthy body circulates oxygen in the blood more effectively and allows the patient to recover from what is a very traumatic event by any standard. The benefits of diet and exercise cannot be overstated both in our everyday lives and in our pre-surgical routine.

As soon as the patient finds out that they need surgery to correct a condition or disease, we suggest that they focus on their general health as it is the quickest and most effective way of reducing surgical complications. We also hope that the patient realizes the benefits of a healthy change after surgery and continues with their new lifestyle for the rest of their life.

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