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Buying Clothes after Bariatric Surgery

As an obese person, one of the most difficult parts of everyday life is shopping for clothes. While obesity presents far greater challenges to the patient – specifically to one’s health, mobility and comfort, shopping for clothes can be a distressing reminder that obesity has caused a huge void in the patient’s life. Shopping is, for most of us, a relaxing activity that we should enjoy, however obesity strips away that enjoyment and reminds us of our disease.

On the flip side, shopping for clothes after weight loss surgery can be very entertaining, depending on the patient, their financial circumstance and their outlook on their progress. Some take great pleasure in buying new clothes as they start to lose weight – buying even one piece of clothing at a smaller size can be a reminder of the amazing progress that the patient is making. Other patients decide to wait until they’ve reached their target weight or until they plateau for some time before purchasing new clothing. No matter what the underlying reason, buying clothes becomes a lot more fun as we lose weight.

Clothing size should not be the only measure of success after weight loss surgery. Certainly, clothing is a tangible form of progress, much like the number on the scale. However, the ultimate goal of weight loss surgery is to improve or resolve many of the diseases associated with excess weight and morbid obesity. It is the improvement in these diseases that that represents true success.

We hope that after your surgical procedure, you can begin to enjoy clothes shopping again. It is a way to relieve some stress, change the scenery of the day and also remind yourself of the great progress you’ve made. Just be sure that when you drop a dress size, you also note the numbers that matter the most – cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels. Seeing those levels drop in conjunction with your dress sizes and weight will signify true weight loss success.

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