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Hospital Stays after Surgery

Patients are often concerned about the hospital stay after their surgical procedure. There is no set time that the patient must stay in the hospital; however it is worth noting that we emphasize getting our patients discharged as soon as is safely possible. Hospital stays are rarely much fun. They involve all the difficulties and pain of the day or two after surgery. However those same hospital stays do offer several extremely important benefits:

  • First and foremost, your hospital stay will allow the surgical staff to monitor you for any complications that may arise after surgery. The most common of these complications is infection. The nursing staff will be evaluating and dressing your words on a regular basis in order to make sure that infection does not appear. If infections should begin to form, being in the hospital will allow for an immediate response to the problem and likely limit its spread.
  • The stay in the hospital after surgery will also allow the nursing staff to effectively and appropriately manage your pain. Depending on the procedure the pain may be mild or significant and the staff at the hospital has the resources at their disposal to ensure that you remain comfortable and safe throughout your hospital stay.
  • Finally, diet and activity, especially immediately after surgery is extremely important. The nursing staff will help you get on your feet and begin walking shortly after surgery. They will also order foods and drinks that are appropriate for your specific post-surgical recovery.

The combination of these services will allow you to recover more quickly and more safely. Rest assured that your hospital stay, if any (and some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis) will be a short as possible and be safe for you as our patient. Remember that your surgeon can offer you the answers as to your expected hospital stay, but much depends on your recovery after the procedure. Feel free to contact us with any hospital stay related questions you may have.

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