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Support Groups after Bariatric Surgery

Support groups are a key to success after bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery and the lifestyle changes – both physical and psychological – that it brings, require a great deal of adjustment. While the journey is exciting and new, the adjustment is not easy without the support of those around you.

Support from family and friends, as well as online resources, should be taken advantage to their fullest extent. Having said that, there is nothing quite like regularly attending a support group. Your surgeon may offer a support group monthly or even more often and these are important events to attend. The other patients attending these support groups have likely been through everything that you are experiencing and can be a wealth of useful information, tips, tricks and advice.

Support groups may also come in the form of trips to the supermarket or exercise classes. Supermarket outings can help set a direction for future grocery shopping – saving you calories and money. Proper exercise technique is also important, so exercise classes can help you work out more effectively and safely.  No matter the class or group, spending time with those who are also on their weight loss journey can be an inspiration for you on your road to new health and a new life. External support groups such as Overeaters Anonymous may also be a way to learn how to cope with the desire to overeat and explain your challenges without being judged.

No matter what form of support group you attend, it is important that your participation be frequent and regular. To what degree you share your challenges within a support group is, of course, a personal choice.

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