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Is Life after Bariatric Surgery Truly that Drastic?

One of the most common concerns for our patients is the idea of radically modifying their post-surgical lifestyle after having undergone a bariatric procedure. For years, maybe several decades, most of our patients have fallen into a vicious cycle of poor eating habits and under exercise. Making the change to healthier habits must happen immediately after surgery. Of course, it is almost impossible to erase decades of bad habits and replace them with good habits overnight. This presents the challenge of doing so, without feeling overwhelmed.

So is post-bariatric surgery life so drastic? Not really. Post-bariatric surgery dieting and exercise habits are essentially those that should be followed by anyone looking to stay fit – fewer sugars, fats and calories and more protein, vegetables and lean meats. So while the diet and exercise regimens you will have to follow are not that drastic, they may seem drastic as your body and mind start to acclimate to these new patterns.

This new lifestyle can only make you feel better over the long-term as diseases associated with obesity will be improved or eliminated – some very shortly after surgery. Most patients significantly improve or eliminate their joint pain, generally have more energy and may be able to participate in the activities they want, but haven’t been able to in past because of their obesity. Finally, if we are able to get creative with our diet and exercise programs, it can be a lot more fun and feel a lot less drastic.

The bottom line is that returning to normal diet and exercise programs can be difficult for those of us who have fallen off the healthy path. However once we are back on, the benefits in every part of our lives are undeniable.

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