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Can a Hernia Be Avoided?

We know the main causes of hernias – heavy lifting, constant strain, persistent coughing or sneezing, excess weight and more…but is there a way to ensure that we never get a hernia? The answer, for most of us, is no. Ultimately, a hernia forms because the abdominal wall becomes weak. Sometimes this weakness can occur from previous abdominal surgeries, which inherently weaken the abdominal wall. For others, hernias can occur at birth. Even our genders can play a role in the occurrence of certain hernias.

Each of us has a unique body and our abdominal walls take a lot of strain over the years. The components of the abdominal wall (muscle, tendon, and fascia) weakens, like our body, deteriorates as we age. It is no wonder therefore that hernia repairs are some of the most common general surgical procedures in the United States.

The most important part of hernia repair is to ensure that the procedure being performed not only repairs the problem, but also reduces the risk of recurrence which can be up to 10%. Laparoscopic hernia repairs not only seem to have a lower risk of recurrence as compared to open hernia repairs; but, by using a video camera during the surgery, it is possible to check for other hernias while the initial hernia is being repaired. You can also learn more about laparoscopic versus open surgery.

So can we guarantee ourselves never to have a hernia? No. What we can do is avoid the most common causes of hernia development as best we can. Further, when we have a hernia , choosing the best repair option can avoid more pain and surgery in the future.

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